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In this budweiser ad we can see a few different gender stereotypes. The woman in the picture is very feminine with a blue ribbon in her hair. She maintains her femininity buy gracefully sipping from a beer mug. The man in this ad is wearing very masculine clothing, he is wearing plaid which give the impression that he can work well outdoors. He is drinking out of a can because cans are more manly and primitive.

The ad states that “where there’s life there’s bud” indicating that it fits well into a stereotypical lifestyle. This ad makes it seem as though a woman is too dainty to really drink a beer, but she would like the taste. The man is looking at her impressed  that she is enjoying this beer.




In this Antiperspirant ad you can see several gender stereotypes. The woman is in a kitchen cooking which is her stereotypical role. She belongs in the kitchen to care for her family by feeding them. The woman is also dressed in a very provocative manner. Women are also supposed to please their husbands by looking sexy and beautiful all of the time. The clothing choices for women are a lot more revealing than they are for men. This is society’s way of pushing this stereotype onto many women. The choices that they have are in the favor of men’s fantasies.

This ad plays on the fact that this woman is so perfect that she would make a man “lose control” and therefore start sweating. It makes seems as though if you use this antiperspirant that you will encounter an experience like the this.



In this Colgate toothpaste ad you can see  a good example of  stereotypes, but not gender specific. The boy in this picture is brushing his teeth because he “must have a girl.” This makes us think the only reason people practice personal hygiene or take care of their appearance is to reel in someone of the opposite sex. It is degrading to think that people only take care of themselves for others. This ad makes us think that we should live to please others and if we use this toothpaste then we may get more attention from people.

I do not see any gender specific stereotypes in this ad. I think that the point could be made with either a male or female.


In this Mcdonalds ad you can see a few examples of gender stereotypes. The young girl has a bow in her hair making her very feminine. The man is the center of attention at this table, you can see everyone looking at him. The extra male attention tells us that men are supposed to be dominant.

The ad is suppose to speak to the typical family. They are supposed to see their families as similar to the family in the ad and therefore, they would like Mcdonalds too.



In this Target ad you can’t really see any specific gender stereotypes. The male and female are both of equal importance in this ad. The woman is dressed with self-respect and the man is no showing any kind of dominance. They are in a non-stereotypical setting, it is very neutral. This ad speaks to the average couple and lets them know that they will be happy if they buy their clothing at Target.

You can see the affection that the woman is giving the man in this ad. This shows us their happiness and makes consumers want to be more like this couple. Both the male and female are well dressed and attractive. This also makes customers think that they will look better if they are wearing this clothes.